was founded in 1998 with the mission to offer customers high quality esters. Our state of the art production facility utilises the latest technology to produce a wide range of Esters. The design of our plant allows us to offer a high degree of flexibility and service to our customers.

Our ability to produce bespoke products to meet customer requirements has been the basis of our impressive growth since inception; development of this strategy is supported by continuous investment in people and technology.

With many years of experience in Ester production our management team provide assistance and support to customers. Ongoing research into new products and process techniques will enable us to meet the exciting challenges and opportunities for the use of Esters well into the future.

Independent ownership allows us to source raw materials globally from strong partners. The renewable oleochemicals we utilise offer our customers the assurance of ongoing supply and environmental acceptability.

Production, Quality, Supply, Reasearch and Technical Support are all disciplines covered in our ambition to offer our customers excellence in esters.

With one of the latest Ester production plants in Europe we have utilized state of the art manufacturing technology. The purpose built plant allows us to operate a highly efficient unit with the flexibility to handle a wide range of products.
Many factors drive product development in our well equipped on site development laboratory, our customers , new process technology, environmental legislation and innovation to name just a few
As we continue to expand our production capacity our product range is also developing, the flexible and close working relationships with existing and potential customers has encouraged many new enquiries.
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