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Ensuring that integration of the principles of quality management into our processes is fundamental to achieve our quality aim. We enforce a formal quality management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

To ensure continued achievement of reliably providing high standards of product quality, We check and test all raw materials that enter our site. Finished product batches are tested and sampled before despatch and a retain is kept of all manufactured products.


We are focused on identifying and satisfying our customer needs. If you are looking for a specific solution for your company then contact us.


Our purpose built plant ensures maximum efficiency. Our ability to produce bespoke products to meet our customer’s requirements has been the basis of our impressive growth since the beginning of our business. Development of this strategy is supported by continuous investment in people and technology.

Esterchem’s manufacturing facility complies with the firm requirements of ISO 9001. This supports the control at every stage, guaranteeing the highest standards are maintained throughout manufacture. Starting from the supply of raw materials to the despatch of the finished products following ISO 9001 ensures we have complete consistency.


Our location is on the edge of the Peak District National Park. Esterchem is an environmentally responsible manufacturer and as a company we ensure we have the lowest possible impact on our surroundings. The company is proud to hold ISO 14001 certification.

7 Reaction / Distillation Reactors from 27,000 – 60,000 litres with packed Fractionating columns of over 30 theoretical plates

Fatty Ester reactors from 5,000 – 27,000 litre capacity

All vessels have full vacuum, nitrogen & capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 240°

Blending vessels from 5,000 – 55,000 litre capacity

A pastillator for processing solids.

We are able to offer bespoke products.

Packaging options of Kegs, drums, IBC’s & Bulk.

24/7 Research & Development lab.

Global supply chain options

Wide range of fatty acids, sourced from numerous feedstocks.

We can offer Palm Free derivatives on request.

Our technical service and sales department are available to answer any queries over the phone or by e-mail.

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